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How to choose the right glove.


There's too much choice!
Just like all specialist areas, there are thousands of Gloves to chose from, and the biggest decision is which to choose. And, it's pretty easy!

It's all about the FIT
I'm sure you've experienced poorly fitting gloves in the past, and that will put you off ever wearing them again. But fear not, modern glove technology means that you can have snug fitting gloves which give you all the comfort and protection you need. A simple tip is to measure the width of  the palm of your hand in centimetres and that is the glove size you need....9 cm wide = Size 9

There are some key bits, though

Get the fit right, then consider, do you need cut and puncture resistance, wet or dry grip, or just some abrasion resistance. We have gloves for all these requirements and more, if you have any questions then please contact us.



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