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Citronella and Mosquitos


Citronella – Nature’s Weapon Against Mosquitoes

It works by blocking the scent receptors of mosquitoes, masking the carbon dioxide, body odour and body temperature that attracts them to people.

Citronella oil is a naturally occurring redpellent derived from citronella grass, part of the lemongrass family. It is golden brown in colour and has a strong citrus aroma. Citronella originated as a mosquito repellent in South East Asia where the leaves of the plant were rubbed near doors and windows to prevent insects from entering the home.

From Citronella Grass to Waxworks

Steam distillation is used to extract the essential oil from finely chopped grass.

Steam is passed through the citronella plant material, with the heat stimulating the release of the plant oils, enabling them to rise along with the steam.

The vapors’ carrying the oil are passed to a cooling device. As the vapors cool, they condense and transform into a liquid. The liquid is collected in a container and the oil/water mixture naturally separates.

As the oils float towards the top of the container the water settles below. This highly condensed citronella essential oil is removed for use in Waxworks products.



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