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​5 uses for Garden Gloves not including Gardening


Do you have a pair of garden gloves which are covered in dirt after a day in the garden, that you leave sitting in the shed waiting for your next garden assault? Well you are missing out.

The gloves we sell on gardengloves.com.au can be laundered. Which means, they should never stay dirty. 

After a day in the garden, they can be rinsed of, or thrown in the washing machine, so next time you wear them they are fresh and dry. Importantly, their performance doesn't change wear to wear.

So now you have a clean pair of gloves, here are 5 things you can do with our garden gloves that don't include gardening.

1. Take them on your daily dog walk and use them when you pick up your dogs' business as an extra layer of protection between you and yesterday's dinner.

2. Taking out the rubbish either from the house to the bin, where you get protection from grub and grime and any sharps objects that may be in the rubbish, or putting the bin out for collection, where nasty critters could be lurking waiting to nibble on your fingers as you roll the bin to the curb side .

3. You have the paint for the new room, or the touch up job. People perceive gloves as clumsy and hard to do things in. With our gloves, they fit like a second skin, so pull them on and get painting. You won't need to scrub the paint off for days after, or worse, use harmful chemicals.

4. It's time to wash the car. Rather than dipping your bare hands in the chemical solution, pull on a pair of our Garden gloves. They won't keep your hands dry, unless you chose a pair from our chemical range, but they will keep your hands protected.

5. You have some nails to bash in, either on the deck, or even just to hang a picture. Our gloves will give you great grip on both the hammer and the nail, but will also protect your fingers from a direct hit in case you miss with the hammer.

So, garden gloves are not just useful in the garden. In fact, you can use them anywhere. We believe you can never own enough gloves. You should not only have a pair in the garden, but the laundry, the kitchen, the bathroom, with your dog leads, and out by the bin.

They are cheap, last a long time and will make sure your hands are always protected. 



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