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Mozzies - Gotta hate 'em


Mozzies are attracted to humans by the carbon dioxide in our breath, our body odour and body temperature. Repellents such as citronella prevent mosquito bites by blocking their ability to sense these attractants.

It’s the females that sting, looking for the protein hit they need to breed. They probe the skin for a blood capillary and inject saliva to prevent their victim’s blood from clotting. After digesting her meal and developing eggs, she will then deposit them in a near-by water habitat – and so the cycle continues!

Sensitivity to mosquito bites varies depending on the person. Most people have the common, mild reaction of swelling, redness, itchy skin and irritation at the puncture site. However, some people will have severe allergic symptoms from the saliva of mosquitoes and if bites are scratched they may become infected with bacteria. Mosquitoes also transmit dangerous viruses including Dengue Fever, Australian Encephalitis, Ross River Fever and Malaria.

Generally mosquitoes are most active at dusk, however in areas where mosquito populations are high they may bite at all times of the day.

Citronella and Mosquitos

Citronella – Nature’s Weapon Against MosquitoesIt works by blocking the scent receptors of mosquitoes, masking the carbon dioxide, body odour and body temperature that attracts them to people.Citronella oil is a naturally occurring redpellent derived from citronella grass, part of the lemongrass family. It is golden brown in colour and has a strong citrus aroma. [...]

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​5 uses for Garden Gloves not including Gardening

Do you have a pair of garden gloves which are covered in dirt after a day in the garden, that you leave sitting in the shed waiting for your next garden assault? Well you are missing out.The gloves we sell on gardengloves.com.au can be laundered. Which means, they should never stay dirty. After a day in the garden, they can be rinsed [...]

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Sizing of Gloves - particularly Children΄s

Glove sizing can be a challenge, just like any other garment. If the glove is a knitted glove it will mould to the hand easily compared to a ΅cut and sewn΅ gloveUse this guide to measure your hand and then compare with the gloves on our site.We indicate relevant hand measurements on gloves where the fit [...]

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How to choose the right glove.

There's too much choice!Just like all specialist areas, there are thousands of Gloves to chose from, and the biggest decision is which to choose. And, it's pretty easy!It's all about the FITI'm sure you've experienced poorly fitting gloves in the past, and that will put you off ever wearing them again. But fear not, [...]

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